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3 Natural Mattress Compositions

The quest for the ideal organic natural mattress is dotted with pitfalls. After avoiding the obstacle of poisonous night chemicals, we must ensure that the mattress components are as natural as possible. The ideal being avoids as much as possible materials from the petrochemical industry.
What natural materials combine quality sleeping and respect for the environment?
A short overview of “eco-friendly” materials.

1. Latex and mattress, the model couple

Natural latex foam: the ultimate bedding material
Its natural properties are ideal for making natural mattress :

• Anti-mite: its cellular structure does not allow the installation and development of mites.
• Antibacterial: derived from the rubber tree, it has inherited its antiseptic abilities and its resistance to bacteria
• Breathable and breathable: this material is naturally programmed to resist moisture.
• Its properties having been inherited exclusively from nature, natural latex undergoes no chemical treatment.
• Fully biodegradable, which is quite useful when you bury your mattress.

In the family of organic bedding products, discover the latex pillow

Latex and the environment

Natural latex vs. synthetic latex
Natural Latex

Although it is difficult to guarantee a sustainable exploitation of the forests of Hevea, know that globally, the latex is taken according to a natural method.

Just dig deep furrows around the trunk to see a milky liquid containing the precious resin.
Synthetic latex

• Synthetic latex is produced from petrochemicals.
• This synthetic latex undergoes polluting chemical treatments, just like the materials making up the “classic” synthetic foam.
• To make matters worse, its carbon footprint is ten times higher than that of natural latex.

So you can easily store it in the “bio” department.

As you can see, the properties of these two types of latex are very different. The same goes for their impact on the environment.

Trust the bedding labels validating the purity of the latex and its origin.

2. Bamboo, a natural mattress pad

Bamboo traditional material of organic bedding

Less well known, bamboo is no less effective when it comes to protecting sleepers. Have you heard of his superpowers?

• Fully biodegradable.
• Naturally anti-bacterial and anti fungal, he has learned to resist vermin, bacteria, and mold.
• Not chemically treated Bamboo whatever its form does not need doping. No fertilizer, no pesticides, No need for anti-mite or anti-bacterial treatments
• Extracted according to a natural process.
• Naturally ventilated: absorbing moisture and perspiration, bamboo is hygienic.

Bamboo and environment

Friends of the environment, hold on. The bamboo culture does not weaken the ecosystem; it is good for him!

It grows naturally without chemical fertilizers or pesticides.
1 thousand species occur in 4 continents and in many climates.
Its growth rate is spectacular; up to a meter a day!

How is its culture beneficial to the environment?

• Eliminates 30% more CO2 than hardwood trees.
• Limits soil erosion
• Restores and purifies soils that are depleted or saturated with toxins
• Contributes to the preservation of groundwater.

Who says better?

3. Recycled materials, the ecological box of the organic mattress

Recycled plastic, innovative bio bedding material

Are among the subjects that, without being natural, take care of the environment.
Some manufacturers concerned about the future of our planet are equipping their mattresses and other bedding items.

For example, you will be surprised to learn that some polyester fibers are obtained from recycled bottles of mineral water.

This is particularly the case of Cyclafill fibers, exclusively from double sorting or “noble” recycling.
The production of this kind of fiber contributes actively to the protection of the environment :

• To give you an idea, since 2004, 70 million bottles of mineral water have been recycled for the manufacture of these fibers.
• No new oil resources used for their realization
• Notable accuracy, this recycled lining is also recyclable.

We can only praise this kind of responsible innovation, aiming to reconcile comfort and respect for the environment.

Finally, be aware that other subjects can obtain, under certain conditions, the natural mention:

• For the filling of natural mattress

We think in particular of materials such as linen, wool, cashmere, silk or even horsehair.
Some Fibers derived from vegetable proteins are made from 100% renewable natural resources ( Geotex textiles).

• For the ticking of the natural mattress and the box spring

We think for example of organic cotton
Here again, the presence of labels will guarantee the quality.

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