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wooden houseIf we rely on the tale The Three Little Pigs , the wooden house would be stronger than the straw house, but less solid than the brick house. In reality, few people have to deal with wolves fond of pork chops. Wood is a highly insulating material that combines with high-performance thermal insulation. This insulation is very important in wood frame constructions. This wood is on average 7 times more insulating than concrete.
Well designed, a wooden house has undeniable qualities of thermal insulation that can increase comfort while reducing the energy bill. Building a wooden house can save you money on your heating bill, although installing additional insulation may be more expensive to buy.

. Rather, there is a series of other criteria to consider.

1) The strength of wooden structures is as good as concrete or steel. In accordance with the requirements of the Construction Code for the support of loads (weight, wind, earthquakes), it is impossible for a wooden structure to be less solid.

2) The longevity of wooden buildings has been demonstrated by a host of examples that have withstood the passage of time for centuries. In Montreal and Quebec City, buildings are demolished for zoning, change of function or abandonment and not for the material.

3) The security of wooden structures is guaranteed by the Construction Code in order to contain the fire. Wood-frame construction systems offer fire resistance ratings and houses with more than three storeys must have sprinklers.

4) The compliance of wood structures with the performance requirements of the Building Code is supported by numerous fire resistance, structural performance and seismic resistance tests on real buildings.

5) The cost of a wooden structure is more competitive than concrete or steel when designed by professionals because it reduces construction time. In many cases, the fact that the structure is left exposed requires less material for finishing.

6) The recycling of wood materials is provided by the sorting centers distributed throughout the country. A survey indicates that more than 84% of the 450,000 tonnes of construction, renovation and demolition wood handled by the sorting center is recycled, up to 95%.

7) The recycling of recycled wood by sorting centers is found in the manufacture of particle board or fibreboard (MDF), pellets, heating logs, ethanol or biofuels for energy production .

8) The environmental footprint of a wooden building has an advantageous balance sheet because it comes from a renewable resource and its production requires little energy, especially since it offers excellent properties. thermal resistance.

Choose your wood for construction

According to Ecohabitation, you must distinguish between interior wood and wood for moldings and woodwork.

The structural wood of the house is used to build beams, columns, roof framing, floor framing, joists, lumber, timber, lintels, etc. . Use standard SPF lumber (spruce, fir and pine) for light lumber, heavy lumber from Canada’s west coast, and multi-finger wood (also called jointed lumber). Engineered wood can come from smaller trees in the form of glue-laminated wood, cross-laminated wood and engineered wood.

The interior wood for moldings and woodwork is made of several materials: pine, oak, maple and cherry. Jointed pine moldings remain the best choice.

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