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Advantages and disadvantages of plastic packaging?

Plastic packaging widely used after its first invention in  the United States in 1865, invented to replace billiard balls that have become too expensive. Since, its use is immense, keys of the piano, while passing by the dentures, or objects of current use, the adventure of the plastic did not stop evolving. Is this really a panacea, or should we be cautious about its use? the future will tell.

Advantages of plastics

It is unimaginable to conceive of a world without plastic. This material made from petroleum derivatives has literally invaded our daily lives.
Among the quality criteria, we must mention: – Its weight, lighter than glass, it is a major asset in the manufacture of bottles. – Sturdy and robust enough to use for household items, such as the famous boxes moving from the freezer to the microwave, then in the dishwasher without problems. – Its cost, more affordable than wood or metal (toys, household robots, automobiles). – Its lifespan is long because it is used and reused – Its versatility, the ordinary plastic bag supporting a dozen pounds to the unbreakable baby bottle is no longer to prove. – Its modernity, whose most glaring example is the mobile phone. – Its practical side (the example of the food film).

Disadvantages of plastics Packaging

– Its shelf life is an advantage and also a disadvantage for future generations who will suffer the impact of plastic packaging on the environment. – Its chemical components are being decried right now. Bisphenol A is at the center of all scientific discussions about its toxicity. – The increase in certain cancers that would be due to plastic particles degrading over time. Therefore, avoid reusing plastic bottles. – Packing bags at the crates of supermarkets are prohibited and replaced by paper packaging to preserve nature. A problem will arise soon: without oil, no plastic. However, this fossil energy is destined to disappear.


In summary, we must distinguish between industrial plastic and food plastic. In addition, the manufacture of plastic is constantly evolving. The industrial future of plastic packaging will certainly be based on a production based on plant products. We hopeful that the woes of yesterday will be solved tomorrow. Thanks to the evolution of knowledge constantly improved.


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