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building materialsBuilding or building your own house leads to choices; choice of land, type of construction, style of house you want … Among the key decisions that precede the construction obviously includes that of the choice of building materials.

  1. The brick

Brick is probably one of the typical American construction materials! It undoubtedly owes its success to its great thermal qualities; the brick is indeed famous for not letting the heat escape in winter, but keep cool in summer, and preserve our energy budget!

For some time, honeycombs have taken precedence over conventional hollow bricks in construction because they have excellent insulating capacity.

  1. Concrete

Solid, stable, resistant, concrete has an excellent reputation among the different building materials that exist!

For our structural work, we can choose between a cellular concrete walls , robust and light (easier to install), or reinforced concrete walls , reinforced with a metal frame so twice more resistant, for foundations could not be more stable.

But anyway, concrete is always a wise choice, because it is a material with very good thermal capacity, moisture regulator and very resistant. It is also an excellent insulator.

  1. The breeze block

Among the different building materials on the market, it is the breeze block that is today the most used. It is often confused with the concrete block, but the block is actually a cement agglomerate.

Very strong, the block also has good insulating qualities. The icing on the cake: the breeze block has a quality / price ratio of the most favorable …

  1. Wood

In recent years, wood has made a comeback in the arena of construction, to become one of the most popular materials.

The reasons for such a winning return? No doubt its natural and authentic charm , but also its insulating power, 10 times higher than that of concrete. With the key, beautiful energy savings …

And if you want to build yourself a green house with beautiful wooden walls, we buy wood bricks (or wooden blocks) that we can quickly climb alone.

  1. Stone

Of the different building materials, stone is probably the one with the most character and authenticity . In addition, it is one of the materials that lasts the most in time.

But the aesthetic qualities of the stone are often overshadowed by its relatively high cost; a natural stone wall or stone, this is unfortunately not accessible to all budgets … Whatever the stones facing nowadays can have stone walls at home or outdoors cheaply !

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