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Eco Material is the key to build green building. Green building is a concept of sustainable building environmentally friendly. Many benefits are gained by building using the concept of green building. For the green building, concept environment will be able to suppress the amount of waste, pollutants and environmental degradation. As for users, the concept of green building can reduce energy demand and increase productivity because of a healthier environment.

EPA US defines the green building as “is a practice of building structures and processes that are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout a building’s life-cycle from siting to design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation, and deconstruction. This practice expands and complements the classical building design concerns of economy, utility, durability, and comfort. Green building is also known as a sustainable or high-performance building. ”

One of the main components of green building concept is the selection of materials that can support the concept. The environmentally friendly material is a must-use material in making a green building. The selection of eco-material types determines the cost of green building. Material selection errors not only impact the overall lack of overall green building concept but will also lead to additional costs.

Before determining the material to be used things that need to be done in building with the concept of green building is planning. Planning will include buildings and neighborhoods around the building.

Green building design should take into account the landscape where the building will be established. The adverse effects of the green building must be minimal on the environment. The shape, size, location, topography, and environment of the plot must be properly addressed to make green building blend with nature.

Energy optimization is the basis for making green building design. The altitude and the roof of the plane facing the great south, and the tall windows high in the south will introduce more light and heat to the back of the room. But a winning south victory can make the house too hot in the summer. The planting of a relief tree in front of the window will let the sunlight enter during the winter and give it a dappled color in the summer.

Some eco materials have a higher price. Nevertheless, the long-term effects of using this material will benefit human life, as it has less negative effects on the environment. Material that can be used is recycled material or new eco material.

Materials that meet environmentally friendly standards include wood, roofing slates, and even bricks are all available at competitive prices. The development of new materials based on recycling also grew from carpet to tile.

There are several type of eco material :

  1. Bamboo, Bamboo Based Partcle Board & Ply Board, Bamboo Matting
  2. Bricks sun dried
  3. Precast cement concrete blocks, lintels, slab. Structural and non-structural modular elements
  4. Calcined Phospho Gypsum Wall Panels
  5. Calcium silicate boards and Tiles
  6. Cellular Light Weight Concrete Blocks
  7. Cement Paint
  8. Clay roofing tiles
  9. Water, polyurethane and acrylic based chemical admixtures for corrosion removal, rust prevention, water proofing
  10. Epoxy Resin System, Flooring, sealants, adhesives and admixtures
  11. Ferro-cement boards for door and window shutters
  12. Ferro-cement Roofing Channels
  13. Fly-ash Sand Lime Bricks and Paver Blocks
  14. Gypsum Board, Tiles, Plaster, Blocks, gypsum plaster fibre jute/sisal and glass fibre composites
  15. Laminated Wood Plastic Components
  16. Marble Mosaic Tiles
  17. MDF Boards and Mouldings
  18. Micro Concrete Roofing Tiles
  19. Partical Boards
  20. Polymerised water proof compound
  21. Polymerised water proof compound
  22. Portland Pozzolana Cement Flyash / Calcined Clay Based
  23. Portland Slag Cement
  24. RCC Door Frames
  25. Ready Mix Cement Concrete
  26. Rubber Wood Finger Joint Board
  27. Stone dust
  28. Water proof compound, adhesive, Polymer, Powder

Selection of appropriate materials will be able to reduce development costs. However, if the cost is more expensive in the long run, a well designed green building will recover the extra cost with lower operational cost. So the green building is a reasonable investment.

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