The frame of a flat roof is just as important to the house as any other frame. However, it is quite particular to build, especially in the case of a roof terrace or a hanging garden. Do you have questions about the structure of a flat roof , its materials, its construction techniques? Let’s take stock together!

What is a flat roof frame?

A carpenter will always design a framework based on the plans of the house and the type of roof. While most house frames are made of wood, farmhouse type or industrial, flat roofed houses require very specific frames .

Naturally, any architect’s plan and any carpenter will help you to design a framework adapted to your future roof and your needs.

The characteristics of flat roof framing

Contrary to what one might think , a roof terrace is not perfectly flat . It must indeed maintain a certain slope, to facilitate the flow of water.

If you are considering the construction of a flat-roofed house, your structure should have the following characteristics:

  • The inclination of your frame must be between 2 and 15 °. Below, the flow of water would be impossible. Beyond, the roof would no longer be considered flat.
  • It can if need be two slopes, like a traditional framework or farmhouse.
  • The frame must of course be designed to support the insulation, the flat roof floor as well as the passageway.

It should be noted that the design of frames for houses with flat roofs depends directly on the type of roof sought (roof terrace, green roof, roof garden, etc.).

Important: the technical characteristics of a flat roof are extremely complex. Hence the interest of entrusting the work to knowledgeable professionals.

The role of a frame for a roof terrace

If a traditional sloping timber structure is designed to support only the weight of insulation and roof covering, the roof structure of a flat-roofed house may be required to support other loads.

Thus, the framework of such a roof can have different roles:


  • Its sloping shape must allow the roof to easily evacuate rainwater.
  • It must support the insulators as well as the roof deck waterproofing sheet.
  • It must support the floor of the roof, as well as what it contains (eg substrate and plants if it is the framework of a green roof).
  • It must be made to bear the weight of one or more persons if the roof is designed for the passage.

Remember that all flat roofs are not designed for the passage . A green roof (covered with substrate and light plants) or a simple flat roof do not allow to move freely on the roof.

Materials for the frame of a flat roof

When building a flat-roofed house, the choice of materials remains very important. A flat roof timber frame is often used because it is a strong and easy-to-use material.

The choice of roof floor materials can be more complex.

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