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Hardwood, a smart flooring choice!

hardwoord smart flooring choiceWhen you have to choose the best flooring that will give you a feeling of warmth and comfort. It is essential to learn about the characteristics of these materials before you start renovations .

Among the essential selection criteria for your future floor covering, it is to consider the service life, ease of use and the absence of toxic fumes. Many other qualities are then added depending on the preferences in terms of look. It also considering  style in the composition of your decor.

Durable and healthy parquet

If you like classic carpets, commonly used for the warm atmosphere they add to our cold winters thanks to its thermal insulation capacity, coupled with a fairly good resistance to wear.

However, you should know that these carpets, even those made of natural fibers, involve in their manufacture and treatment the use of pollutant chemicals causing many environmental problems.

Once installed, these carpets release toxic VOCs for years, while absorbing dust and toxins from the atmosphere into their fibers; they can also house various allergens, mites, pollen or animal hair. Moreover, regular cleaning is required with a powerful vacuum cleaner.

It should be noted that many other coatings such as carpets, carpets, vinyl or floating floors are known to be polluting, unsustainable and difficult to recycle.

Today, hardwood flooring has gained popularity, especially as oak and maple woods have seen their price rise among consumers. Indeed, everyone appreciate hardwood floors for their appearance. Hardwood make the warm ambition and have superior in ease of maintenance.

This all natural wood adds an incredible elegance and value to each home, thanks to a complete range of wood species, each with distinct characters. This rich collection of essences makes it easy to customize hardwood floors to fit almost any room in your home.

Here is a healthy choice that will ensure your well-being for a long time, opt for a natural wood containing no allergen with a smooth surface easy to maintain and clean, a simple broom or a quick mop and you’re done!

Prefer a water-based finish rather than alcohol-based or oil-based coatings that contain VOCs. Hardwood floors are durable and very strong if they are well maintained.

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