flooringThe floor of our house sets the tone! But between the thousand and one existing models and the particular properties of each, how to make the right choice when it comes to interior flooring?

Let’s discover the criteria to take into account to find the ideal floor for every room of our interior!

The Family Of Parquet

Solid parquet

Also known as traditional parquet, the solid parquet is composed of 100% of the essence of wood. It inherits all its properties: hardness, stability, density …

It has the distinction of being made from a single piece of wood. A process that makes it unique! This floor of incomparable nobility brings a warm, authentic and timeless style, and is available in a wide range of natural colors.

His advantages? Raw and natural, solid parquet exists in many species (oak, ash, etc.) and is very resistant to wear, with a long life of up to 100 years! It can be renovated several times by sanding.

Often implemented by a professional, his pose requires real expertise.

It is more expensive than other types of flooring.

Solid parquet: for which room (s)? Rooms to live, rooms and even wet rooms like the bathroom (exotic woods), its resistance makes it an ideal floor for every room of our interior.

In short? It is authentic, traditional, timeless and adds cachet to our rooms.

Engineered parquet

Also called laminate flooring, the engineered parquet consists of several thicknesses with a different core depending on the thickness.

His advantages? All the beauty, comfort and authenticity of wood with a simple pose accessible to all and a lower cost compared to solid parquet. It lasts in time (up to 30 years) and offers great stability because it hardly moves.

Not to mention that it comes in many species and finishes.

Attention, its finish being predefined, we can sometimes get differences in shades (slightly different colors) that balance and homogenize over time. The lighter shades darken and darker, lighten to obtain a perfectly harmonious ground.

In contrast to a solid parquet – with which we do exactly what we want in terms of finish – each engineered parquet has its own finish.

The laminated parquet: for which room (s)?

It adapts to all rooms and, in particular, to bedrooms and living areas. However, this type of parquet is not recommended for wet areas like the bathroom.

In short? It has the appearance of solid wood but is easier and quicker to install.

The laminate flooring

This type of coating is an assembly of several layers of different materials. It comes in a wide range reproducing the most trendy wood finishes. Its floating installation and its compatibility with heated floors are its other main features.

It visually reproduces the appearance of wood, concrete and stone thanks to its decorative layer.

It consists of an acoustic sub-layer, a counterbalancing layer for better stability, a central particleboard core or HDF, a decoration and a protective film for more resistance.

His advantages? With its multiple decorations, laminate flooring is a real asset in terms of decoration. It is also less expensive than wooden floors and its method of installation is within the reach of all.

Economical, it has the appearance of wood with a high surface resistance. Floating only fast and easy. It is ideal for renovation and requires almost no maintenance.

It should be known that its life is shorter than other types of coverings and it is without renovation solution. The laminate also has a lower sound and acoustic insulation than wood floors, which are naturally insulating.

Laminate parquet: for which room (s)?

This type of floor can be suitable for all rooms. It is also compatible with wet rooms.

Depending on the piece of destination, a more or less important resistance is recommended:

Classification 33: large passage (living room, entrance, etc.)

Classification 32: moderate passage (bedroom, hallway upstairs, etc.)

In short? Economical, it offers good value for money and is quick and easy to install (and change).

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