flooring materialThe coolness of the tiles or the softness of the carpet? The elegance of the floor or the practicality of the lino? Choosing the right flooring is ultimately good knowledge of his tastes and lifestyle. Overview of possibilities

Tiling, easy maintenance

It is the least fragile and the simplest coating to maintain. Resistant to wear, stains, fire and even small impacts, it is recommended for heavy-duty or messy parts. Kitchen, bathroom, entrance … The tiling is where we expect it! Ideal covering for pet owners – 4-legged friends’ hairs have nowhere to hide – it’s less popular with the chilly ones because of its freshness. And if you are a fan of dumbbells and other heavy objects, beware: the risk of cracking is never far in case of shock. Kitchen kit or custom: our advice

Parquet, warmth and art of living

More expensive in solid than laminated (several layers of wood under a layer of finish), the parquet brings cachet to an interior. Solid, resistant to shocks, it offers a wide range of renderings depending on the chosen species (oak, ash, teak …), laying (rafters, mosaic …) and finishing (waxed, varnished …). If the solid parquet can be sanded and refurbished, this type of flooring remains sensitive to stains, scratches and overflow of water (flooding and other water damage).

Laminate flooring, practical and solid

This type of coating, composed of layers of wood particles, is a hybrid between parquet and tiling: it looks like parquet but behaves “almost” like a tile. It is easy to maintain and water resistant . Less expensive than a traditional floor, it is still a little less beautiful. For heavy-duty rooms (living room, hallway, corridor), plan for a thick finish because the laminate is sensitive to wear.

The floor PVC, modern and bluffing

No more lino with a plastic look! Today PVC floors allow interesting trompe-l’œil games (patterns, colors …) that please everyone. Flexible, they are easily installed in all rooms including bathrooms. They resist stains, scratches and maintain easily.

The carpet, fragile but soft …

In winter, there is no more comfortable than the softness of the carpet! The star coating of the 1970s and 1980s remains a classic, especially for the bedrooms. It is an excellent thermal insulation (10% more heat) and phonic, but its maintenance and its sensitivity to the tasks remain its main weaknesses. So prefer to put in the cozy rooms rather than in the entrance!

Natural fibers: contemporary eco-ambiance

Seagrass, sisal, coconut … Exotic names for flooring made of natural braided fibers. Depending on the origin, the type of weaving (straight, herringbone …) and the treatment provided, these coatings can bring elegance and modernity into an interior. Natural, the fibers are afraid of water. Their use is therefore reserved for living rooms (except bamboo) and rooms in particular because of a low resistance to wear. Some weavings can also be “spicy” to the touch and therefore unpleasant for bare feet.

Feel free to mix the materials to create breaks in your interior: a tiled floor in a living room, parquet floors in the hallways, while rooms are carpeted.


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