kitchen floorBetween parquet, tile, concrete or vinyl, the kitchen floor is diversified and dressed in a wide range of colors to personalize the space, modernize it and give it more speed. Discover all our kitchen flooring ideas.

  1. The parquet floor

Why should the kitchen only have to floor in tiles? To create floor continuity in every room of the house, the parquet floor is also installed in the kitchen. It works to  transform the space into a friendly living space similar to the living room. This authentic and elegant flooring must combine moisture-resistant wood species, such as exotic wood or treated wood, to avoid any sealing problem. Difficult to maintain, the rough parquet gives, however, a lot of charm to the kitchen and proposes this spirit country house sweet and cozy. For the more reluctant, there is an alternative: laminate flooring (covered with a moisture-proof resin) or laminated parquet (three-layer coating of wood thickness).

Choosing parquet flooring for your kitchen is about taking care of regular floor maintenance, because a parquet floor should never stay damp for too long, for fear of warping and deterioration. For the style, we like to choose this flooring, and to protect it, we think to cover it with a nice kilim carpet!

  1. Vinyl

Comfortable, easy to install, ideal for sound and heat insulation, vinyl really has it all. Leakable and waterproof, it also offers the possibility of composing the decoration of your choice, imagined by yourself, thanks to its wide range of colors, patterns, and effects. The kitchen is thus personalized with originality.

Vinyl also mimics other materials thanks to the different types of wooden floors it offers. For example, vinyl imitation wood perfectly achieves the small imperfections of gasoline, between slots and knots. This kitchen flooring also reproduces solid wood, classic tile and retro tile with cement tile printing, natural stone such as granite and slate, and even waxed concrete. The vinyl coating is therefore economical for the kitchen, without neglecting the style. We love it for the illusion it creates and the comfort it offers on a daily basis.

  1. The polished concrete

Very trendy, the concrete floor has the big advantage of being hygienic in the house. Whether waxed, stained or colored, concrete creates a uniform floor covering and is flexible and resistant. With its gray color, it is imagined in all interiors, be it a loft, a small apartment or a traditional house. In general for our interiors, we choose the waxed concrete, that is to say, a concrete that has been covered with a layer of wax. It establishes a raw spirit in the decoration, between softness and robustness. That also accords perfectly with the light wood to propose a soft and warm atmosphere.

Refreshing in summer, warm in winter, the concrete floor is very easy to maintain, requiring only a simple vacuum or sweeping, and sometimes soapy water if necessary. Concrete has a flaw: with daily use, it can sometimes crack or lose its luster when waxed. As for comfort, concrete can sometimes be slippery.

The waxed concrete floor has the primary advantage of being easy to maintain. It only requires cleaning with a vacuum or broom, then from time to time with soapy water. Every six months, a passage of wax is useful to restore it to shine. Concrete is a good enough insulation: waxed, so it will present a very pleasant surface to the touch. Concrete also always cool in summer and warm in winter. The surface is all the more agreeable because the screed is uniform, and is separated by joints only if it covers a large surface on the ground.

  1. Tiling

Tiling in the kitchen remains the most classic choice. However, with its great diversity, ranging from the shape of the tile to the color. The tiles can also modernize a kitchen, the rhythm and give it peps. The most used are sandstone, terracotta, and stone. The first two give a warm and friendly look to the kitchen. While the sandstone is  easier to maintain and gives a more contemporary dimension to the space.

Tiling can also mimic materials, such as parquet-like wood floor tiles. It is ideal if you are afraid of maintaining a real hardwood floor in the kitchen. Also you can create a retro style with authentic cement tile for a kitchen with charm former.

The big defect of the tiled floor is its fragility in case of big shock. For example a jar of jam that falls. If this happens, the tiles can be damaged and unattractive thereafter.

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