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METAL ROOFING MATERIALThe metal roof is not new,  Some ancestral homes hundreds of years ago were and still are covered with metal. Which allowed them to cross the centuries. The metal roof lasts a long, very long time.

The metal covering is of various types:

  • steel shingles of steel painted or covered with protective coatings;
  • aluminum shingles. Aluminum metal roof that requires no maintenance of paint and does not rust;
  • large galvanized or wavy painted metal panels with fasteners on the top of the panels with rubber-head screws. These coatings are mainly used for the metal roofs of farms. Over time, the screw heads deteriorate and allow the infiltration of water;


A metal roof can last more than 70 years. It’s an investment, but almost for life. On the other hand, the cost of a metal roof is about 10 times more than a roof made of asphalt shingles. The high costs of galvanized metal roofs are mainly due to labor. Of course, we do not talk about a copper roof that is very expensive.

The advantages of a metal roof:

  • long life, over 70 years;
  • value added at home;
  • peace of mind for fire resistance;
  • resistance to strong winds;
  • the design is more attractive, unique and different from the neighborhood;
  • a lighter and more rigid roof;
  • some metal roofs are without joints and without visible screws;

The disadvantages of a metal roof:

  • The high price;
  • Expansion and expansion of metal with large temperature differences, requires inspecting the metal roof regularly to ensure that the joints are airtight;
  • the metal roof is smoother and slippery, during the thaw, ice and snow on the roof can slip on the edge and break or work the sheet. Similarly, it is often necessary to install security systems around the metal roof to prevent the fall of ice masses on the ground;
  • Galvanized roofs must be repainted every 5-7 years with maintenance costs.



The choice of nails for fixing shingles or metal panels is very important. If they oxidize, they will become the weak part of the metal roof. It is therefore important to choose nails and bindings that are waterproof and moisture proof.

Another metal roof product is the unique Interlock system, roofing that has the appearance of slate. This system is guaranteed for life. This is aluminum roof covering. Roofing installers with RBQ license can install on your house this roof system of superior quality. It is best to contact installers from authorized Interlock distributors to purchase and install this product.


The corrugated metal panel type metal roof is installed on the roof framing with metal roofing screws. The metal roof screw that passes through the metal panel and the spinning of it enters the wood of the roof framing fences and holds the roof panel on the roof. The weak element is the screw head which is provided with a rubber ring which in principle prevents water from seeping in but which over time can dry, crack and allow water to seep in. We do not recommend these systems. The photo above shows metal roof panels without visible screws of much higher quality.

Interlock aluminum roofs do not rust, do not rot and are extremely lightweight which greatly reduces the weight stress on the rafters. In addition, they require no maintenance. Aluminum is also fireproof and is also very proud.


In conclusion, although the metal roof in general lasts longer than the more affordable roofs of asphalt shingles, the fact remains that there are several models and brands and it is necessary to weigh the advantages and disadvantages well. of each products. Roofing Montreal Roofers helps you make the right choice of metal roof, whether galvanized steel, painted or with protective coatings or aluminum.

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