metal roofingThere are several possible materials when talking about a metal roof . Offered in sheet metal , tile, enamelled steel, galvanized steel, painted copper or the famous “white” metal roof, all these options are interesting and have about all the same qualities. The most remarkable remains in the longevity of the product. A metal roof has a lifespan of up to 50 years. In addition, the product has evolved, the profiles are more sought after and the installation technique has been refined and limits more and more infiltration.

The white metal roof, an interesting novelty?

There is little talk of the model of white metal roof. To increase the durability of your roof, this option should be considered. If the design and style of your home sticks well with this color, get started. Metal for consistency and white color for energy efficiency.

The benefits of a metal roof

The advantages of a metal roof are unanimous. Its long service life and the fact that the roof is 100% recyclable makes this type of roof covering a sensible choice. This type of coating is maintenance-free. In addition, metal roofing products offer excellent value for money and add value to the home. This roof is resistant to fire, strong winds. It is ultra light and does not hold snow in addition to being very rigid. In addition, the multitude of profile choices on offer brings a designer side that is highly sought after by professionals, architects and consumers. This type of coating can be repainted and several metal roofs are 100% made in Quebec.

The disadvantages of a metal roof

Products made of metals require a large amount of energy to produce, it is probably for this reason that the product is shunned by environmental purists. Its price is high and the visit of an inspector is recommended to check the expansions joints of the metal and ensure that everything is airtight. The roof may be wrinkled or scratchy and it is recommended to install a system to slow down any snowfall. Finally, it is noisy during days of rain or hail.

Maintenance of a metal roof

Vulnerable to the corrosion of the air your metal roof will require you very little attention and maintenance. You can repaint it after a few years.

The installation of a metal roof

Some argue that metal cladding is expensive to install since it requires specialized tools to bend the metal. Others will tell you the opposite. The key if you are embarking on this adventure is to know exactly how to do it to avoid creating water infiltration and cause damage to your home. Apparently, it is possible to stop the noise caused by a steel cover. This depends in part on the assembly of the roof. It is suggested to install the sheet metal roof directly on the slats that rest on the rafters. Also take care of the insulation of the attic, it also plays a role on the noise level.

The metal roof in a nutshell

The most beautiful ancestral residences that make up our heritage are covered with metal. Dating back to before the Second World War, metal was widely used. However, it was requisitioned during the war and other products less charming, but more economical, are needed in the scenery during the following decades.

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