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PRICES OF METAL ROOFSIf you are looking for a metal roof for your home, you will inevitably come to ask yourself what is the cost of a good metal roof. If you do online research like “metal roof price” you will find very little interesting information. It is possible then that you feel lost. This article aims to share with you the different levels of tariffs you expect.

There is one thing you need to keep in mind. There are so many variables that affect the price of a metal roof that it is almost impossible to give a price to the blind. In fact, it is not even easy to give rough prices. Variables such as the condition of the roof, the shape or the slope of the roof are determining factors. Accessibility to the roof is also a criterion, as is the location of the house. But ultimately, the most important factor in terms of price is the type of metal roofing you choose.

At what prices should we expect for a metal roof?

As we have just reviewed the different options, we must consider that our estimates for metal roofing are based on a price per square foot installed. The price range takes into account the different factors listed above that vary for each installation. Note that estimates do not include the removal or removal of waste from the old roof covering. Keep in mind that many metal roofs, especially the stiffer ones, can often be installed on old shingles, saving you money, avoiding garbage in landfills, and most importantly, increasing the thermal and energy efficiency of your home.

Our pricing estimates are based on experienced and professionally trained companies. You will always find people who will work for less but we invite you to consider what you risk losing for a lower price.

1- Entry level: metal roofs with visible fasteners.

These products often have a lower quality paint finish and lower steel quality. These products have very little flashing, come with more sealer and simply overhang the panels at their lower end. Nevertheless, the biggest disadvantage of these products comes from visible screws. After several winters, the fasteners wear out and loosen, thus offering gaps that are suitable for water infiltration.

Expect to pay between $ 4.50 and $ 7.00 per square foot installed for this type of product.

2- Mid-range: traditional roofs and steel shingles.

Once again, there are big differences in quality. You will find some of these products made with metal and a coating of substandard quality in the industry. Look for G90 galvanized steel or AZ50 galvalume steel with a PVDF coating (Kynar 500 or Hylar 500) to ensure a long service life for your product .

Expect to pay between $ 8.50 and $ 12.00 per square foot installed for this type of product. In some cases, the accessories for these roofs are manufactured in the factory and others on site directly.

3- Superior range: steel and aluminum shingles.

Aluminum strips are also included in this category. These products are known for their many benefits and their long history proves it. The majority of accessories are manufactured in the factory for the sake of quality and consistency. They also bring an aesthetic added value to any type of home. These products are durable. Their features provide additional energy efficiency through a thermal bridge that minimizes heat transfer in the attic during the summer. These products also have PVDF-resistant fade and chalking coatings with generally a reflective pigment that increases energy efficiency. Note, however, that alumimium often has low shingle stiffness. Facing Quebec winters, it is not uncommon to discover some tiles torn off by ice or snow. Steel is not affected by this problem.

The square foot installed for this type of roof usually ranges from $ 10.00 to $ 16.00.

4 – Premium range: “Exotic” metals.

These products consist mainly of zinc or copper. Like the highest category of steel shingles mentioned above, these products have a long life. They bring value and aesthetics but beware, it is better that they are installed by specialized professionals!

Costs range from $ 18.00 to $ 25.00 per square foot installed.

who buys a metal roof? there are two major criteria that motivate buyers:

First, the beauty of their home is important to them. They see a reflection of themselves through their home, which they consider more welcoming and comfortable. They are happy with the added value generated by their new permanent roof.

Secondly, typical clients intend to stay in their home for at least fifteen years. They may even consider leaving their home for the benefit of their children or another family member. They consider the cost of this investment over the long term. The price of roofing materials doubling every ten years, metal roofing and especially permanent systems are a sensible choice for this type of clientele.

When you add energy savings to that, the financial justification becomes even stronger.

Remember, there are many factors that determine the price of a metal roof. Now all you have to do is determine the category that best meets your expectations and request bids.

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